The $1,000,000 fisherman 🐠

May 26, 2022 12:31 pm

Howdy friend, here's 3 fun nuggets to make your week even better... 

🎥 The $1,000,000 Fisherman


After going fishing with Nick from StanzFam, I honestly believe the best way to eat tuna is to fish it yourself and eat it right on the boat.

Fishing is REALLY fun, but how can people actually make a living doing it?

Click here to learn about Nick's million dollar fishing business

⚙️ AppSumo Last Call (May Edition)


Alright... if you haven't checked out AppSumo's Last Call, then you are missing out my friend.

We bring back the MOST popular software deals, every quarter, and give you a second chance to buy them before they are GONE FOR GOOD.

Some popular deals from the previous quarter:

  • SpeedPPC: An easy to use google ads campaign builder
  • Hexomatic: A no-code data automation tools 
  • Plerdy: Multiple ways to track user behavior on your website

Promotion ends on 5/27 at noon. Grab them while you can.

💰 How To Be Successful


One of the cool things Nick said during our interview was, "I'm sure you've done multiple things that didn't work right away and you keep trying the next thing until it does."

And I realize that's a common theme with successful entrepreneurs. They just keep trying until it finally works.

Sam Altman wrote an amazing article on this topic.

Couple of highlights:

  1. Grit comes from learning you can get back up after you get knocked down.
  2. Self-belief is immensely powerful, but it must be balanced with self-awareness.
  3. The most successful people are primarily internally driven. They do what they do to impress themselves.

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan