10/21/22 - “Israel” Edition

Oct 21, 2022 12:31 pm

How has 2022 turned out for you?

You still have 2.3 months left to have fun, laugh, challenge yourself, go big or small, and enjoy it along the way.


🕍 Asking Jewish Millionaires How to Make $1 Million


I’ve always wondered, "What is it about the Jewish culture that’s created so many success stories?"


So I flew all the way to Tel Aviv, Israel to ask the most successful Jewish people I know what they're doing differently and what we can learn from them.

This is NOT a video encouraging the Israel/Jewish vs. Palestine debate or saying other cultures aren’t great. I was curious and thought others would be too…

I talked to the people that founded million—sometimes even BILLION—dollar companies, like:

  • Noam Bardin of Waze
  • Or Offer of Similarweb
  • Nadav Keyson of Riverside.fm

Find out what Jewish entrepreneurs know that makes them so successful.

📜 Five Lessons from History


Author of Psychology of Money, Morgan Housel, published this article on 5 big takeaways we can learn from historical events.

Lots of great nuggets in there, like:

  • Life-altering events change our views in life-altering ways
  • Personality traits that push people to the top, also push them over the edge
  • Unsustainable things can sustain for a long time

Give it a read.

🍁 Lakanto Sugar-Free Maple Syrup


We should all probably eat less sugar, right?

I’ve been adding this monk fruit sweetener to my tea and it’s super good. It’s like syrup, so you can put it on pancakes or your oatmeal—but it’s sugar-free and keto.

(Not sponsored. Just love it.)

Sweeten up your life.

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan

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