MDW launch team - november 20/2023 update

Nov 21, 2023 7:21 am

Happy Monday!  Book updates from the week….🫰 

✅ What happened:

  • Recorded audiobook. On Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday I recorded the audiobook for Million Dollar Weekend. It was SUPER hard even though I’ve done YouTube and podcasts for years. Happy to have it done. Plus got to practice talking points for future interviews! I hope you love it when it comes out 🙂
  • Landing page. Close to finalizing the book landing page! Got so many INCREDIBLE testimonials from y’all I’m honored to put on the page. Also going to be getting testimonials from authors and influencers by asking to “feature” them on website.
  • Goodreads giveaway. 1,771 entrants; 1,650 shelved as “Want to Read”; 30 winners. Insane! Going to be running more

📋 What’s coming up:

  • Custom Book Box. Finalizing a book box to send to authors and influencers. Currently, including the book, a hand-written thank you note, my favorite pen (Pilot G2), $1 bill, a MDW Contract, MDW Journal. Thinking of adding a MDW Hat & notebook. Also -- who would be interested in a MDW hat for merch?
  • Content Strategy. Finalizing content scaffolding for the book launch. Crazy how after years of prep, it’s FINALLY all happening. I first had the idea for this book biking in NYC with my friend Adam Gilbert 15 years ago!

🔦 MDW Reader Spotlight:

  • Recent weekend cohort - Jan-Hendrik Bender - was awesome. Said “a friend of mine who I ask for the 1€ doesn’t have PayPal. Look what I found today in my mailbox. Have to say this is way more motivating than simple PayPal” The first dollar is special Jan-Hendrik! 👏👏
  • Tim Leake also ran a webinar this week with 31 people! Got 5 people signed up for the introductory coaching call for his the high-ticket coaching program -- LFG Tim!!


Be Epic,