Aug 19, 2022 12:31 pm

Summer is ending… Four months left in 2022.

Where do you want to be by Dec 31, 2022? 

Write that down and realize you can do a lot more in 4 months than you think!

Here's your 3 fun nuggets for the week…


💸 Asking Personal Finance Gurus How to Profit During a Recession


I don’t believe in recessions.

Yes, GDP goes down. Markets go down… But opportunities arise.

So I spoke with some of the world's biggest financial experts to find out how they’re planning to profit from the recession. They help millions of people make more money—and they’re sharing actual actions you can take right now, like:

  • The best businesses to buy during a recession
  • Products and services people still buy when markets are down
  • Boring investment strategies that keep making money (boring is good)

Don’t buy into the hype that recessions are bad. 

Make recessions work in your favor.

📚 All About Me!


This book is epic.

If you aren’t a Mel Brooks fan, you will be after reading it.

From the depression in Brooklyn to serving in WWII, working as an up-and-coming comedian then striking it rich in Hollywood… Mel Brooks has an underdog story you can’t help but root for.

And it’s worth reading every word.   

🔍 Just a Tip


Save money on subscriptions by signing up from another country. All you need is a VPN.

  • The WSJ is €2 instead of $10
  • Netflix is cheapest in Argentina
  • Spotify is cheapest in India
  • YouTube Premium is cheapest in Argentina

Worth finding out if any you’re signed up to are cheaper elsewhere. Could save you hundreds per year.

Any others you know of?

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan