MDW launch team - november 13/2023 update

Nov 13, 2023 6:06 pm

Happy Monday!  Book updates from the last week….🫰

✅ What happened:

  • Bike Trip. Spent the week biking from Phoenix, AZ to Albuquerque, NM with a good friend. We are biking across America in chunks. Nice to recharge the batteries and have 5+ hours a day of quiet time!
  • Book Box. Working on the copy & goodies for a fun book care package to send out to influencers. Thank you to everyone who voted on Tommy’s post & shared ideas! Love it.
  • MDW Resources. THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered to give feedback on the book resources. Y’all are a HUGE part of the book 🙏 Lesson in here to always get feedback if you can. Other people catch things you miss & can lend ideas to make it even better.

📋 What’s coming up:

  • Back to work. Getting back to Austin & ready to hit the ground running (or biking?) with all things book! Have tons of podcast interviews lined up as well as small marketing pieces to get dialed in.
  • Recording audiobook. On Monday - Wednesday (8 hours a day), I’m recording the audiobook for Million Dollar Weekend. What are audiobook suggestions I should keep in mind when recording???

🔦 MDW Reader Spotlight:

  • Recent weekend cohort - James Wilson - crushed it. Said “Didn’t get any sales but I have the most focus I’ve ever had. That 48 hrs challenge pushed me to stop making excuses and take action. The pressure really made me cut away the stalling and watching more videos. 51 more chances to go!” Way to go James! 👏👏

Be Epic,