Asking New Yorkers how to be a millionaire

Jul 14, 2022 12:31 pm

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Who could show up at your door right now that would make you instantly smile?

Amazing how a song, person, reflection, text, or thing can immediately change our mood. Another nice mood-changer is going for a walk… Just change up your scenario! 

Here’s your 3 fun nuggets for the week…

📺 Asking New York Millionaires How to Make $1,000,000


I wanted to know how rich people make it in the most expensive city in America, so I went to New York and asked them.

I talked to:

  • A music composer for a TV series you’ve probably watched
  • An Irish immigrant who got rich off limestone
  • And a kid living in a 70-square-foot apartment (no, that is not a typo)

The answers varied. One person worked their way up in a company from customer service to managing ALL of North America operations—and another handles $6 billion dollars of taxpayer money.

It showed me that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Get to know the stories of all the cool people we met in this video.

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