Do you smell what Noah is cooking?

Mar 18, 2021 7:06 pm

Being bald and jacked...I often get mistaken for The Rock.

Okay maybe not, but we do share a love for business AND great tequila. 

🎥 The Billion Dollar Business of Celebrity Alcohol (Let’s Get Drunk!)


I breakdown the business (AND the booze) of the biggest celebrity brands... Weirdness ensues. 😜

⛰️ The Largest Land Owner in the US


Billionaire John Malone pioneered the cable TV industry — shaping the world of entertainment and communications.

Fun fact: he’s also the single largest private landowner in the US (sorry Ted Turner). 

I LOVE reading biographies of people who’ve created successful companies and industries

👩‍🎨 Creator Library


One Day Entertainment manages big YouTube channels like Yes Theory and Airrack. 

They just launched a simple repository of their favorite resources, to help more people get started. 

Smart strategy for the creator space… similar to what we’ve done for entrepreneurs with AppSumo Marketplace

Think how YOU can do the same for your business or niche. 

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan

Ps. I’m drunk by the end of the video 🍻