MDW launch team - november 24/2023 update

Nov 24, 2023 11:53 pm

Happy Friday!  Book updates from the week…. 🫰

✅ What happened:

  • Custom Book Box. Finished a first pass on the design for the book box to send to authors/ influencers. Sneak peak of the design below 🤫 Whaddya think??
  • Content Strategy. SO close to finishing up content scaffolding for the book launch. Planning a Book Announcement video on YouTube dropping... TONS of good stuff planned
  • Podcast scheduling. Co-ordinating the last of the big shows I’m planning to be on, including Lewis Howes, Tom Bilyeu and Iced Coffee Hours. From mid-December to launch, have an interview almost every day…

📋 What’s coming up:

  • New Launch Team Friends. Put out announcement on Twitter/LinkedIn I’m adding 200 more people here to our community then closing launch team in December... Y’all are truly my inner circle 🙏
  • Join a Future MDW Cohort (Important). To make the process easier for y’all, if you want to be part of a MDW Cohort one weekend BUT haven’t yet, fill out form with availability -- Tommy will reach out individually to get you in :) will only running few more till launch

🔦 MDW Reader Spotlight:

  • Recent weekend cohort - Rico Glover - was awesome. Said “Got my first $1. Because I don’t like asking for handouts to anyone. This one was a tough one. Not only did I do it I posted the request on my page. So it was a big move. But I feel 1,000 strong now!” LFG! The first dollar is special Rico! 👏👏



Be Epic,