Noah’s Nuggets - “Energy Funnels” Edition

May 25, 2023 12:30 pm

“Pause and Respond” - instead of reacting this week, try taking a moment to pause what’s going on and respond accordingly. That phrase has been a helpful one in the past few months.


Fellow Stagg Glasses


Love these — Look great. Work great. Even got them as a gift for my mom for her 7-11 coffee :)

The double-walled feature keeps cold bevs cool and hot ones stay hot 🔥

Plus, pretty cups make your tea / coffee taste even better. It’s science.

Level up your mug.

▶️ Spotify Remote Sessions


Now you can remotely listen to the same song at the same time on Spotify 🤯

Did this with the girlfriend and was a blast 🕺

Anyone can add to your shared playlist from their own device. Great way to have a listening party.

Fun service — try with friends + family.

Learn more here.

🔍 Energy Funnels

A good reminder that delegation = progress.


Be Epic,

Noah Kagan

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