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Aug 12, 2022 12:31 pm

I hate paying full price for anything—but especially for software. I never wanted to buy a subscription product again, so I created AppSumo 12 years ago. Now it’s the #1 site for software deals for startups. Check it out—save money.

Three nights ago, my neighbor was playing loud rap music. I knocked loudly and angrily at 1 am.




Oh, sorry. I’ll turn it down… Do you want to come in for a drink, btw?

So I went in for a drink and now we’re friends. 

Great reminder that being nice to others on both sides is nearly always more effective. Be kind.

Here's 3 fun nuggets for your week…

🎹 Ludovico Einaudi Tiny Desk Concert


If you haven’t heard of Ludovico Einaudi, consider this Tiny Desk concert your crash course. 

His style is a refreshing change of pace from traditional classical music. Every song’s ambience takes me to another world.

Great background music while working.

Give it a listen.

🩳 Marine Layer Travel Shorts


A light suitcase while traveling is a top priority for me so the stuff I pack needs to be multi-functional. 

The Saturday Canvas shorts from Marine Layer are a staple. (I have them in the Bruschetta colorway)

Made of super comfy material that doesn’t wrinkle easily, I love that they can be worn casually with a t-shirt or leveled-up with a button down. Plus, the brand has sustainable practices so I feel good buying from them.

One of the best things I packed. (NOT a sponsored link, I just love ‘em)

🗑️ 30 Under 30


Don’t let these lists fool you.

All of the super successful people I know were never on these lists. They didn’t need to be. From a recruitment perspective, if someone lists one in their bio it raises a yellow flag for me. I wonder if titles are more important to them than substance.

Remember that arbitrary lists are not an accurate measure of potential. Create success that speaks for itself.

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan