I asked 80-year-old millionaires if it was worth it

Apr 14, 2022 12:31 pm

After recently turning 40, I got curious. 

What regrets and wisdom can I learn from people twice my age?

That’s why I decided to interview some of the coolest 80-year-old millionaires and find out if it was all worth it.

🎥 Asking 80-Year-Old Millionaires If It Was Worth It


Click here to learn about their BIGGEST regrets.

🚀 How to Scale?


A question from Sean Burris:

“Hey Noah, I'm working non-stop clearing 10K/mo as a full-time freelancer, how do I grow my business significantly without burning out?

First off, give yourself a MAJOR pat on the back. I respect the hustle. 

There's only two ways to really scale a business: 

  1. Don't be "cheap". Invest in better technology and software to help automate.
  2. Hire more people, so you can have more time to work on higher-level things.

Listen to the podcast.

🤠 Find Your Chad


Many of my BEST hires were initially customers first.

Chad Boyda was a customer at my previous company.

He had strong tech background and I REALLY liked the guy.

So when I started AppSumo, I reached out.

And Chad has been my partner in crime and AppSumo CTO ever since.

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan

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