MDW launch team - august 11/2023 update

Aug 11, 2023 9:57 pm

Happy Friday! Wanted to share book updates….

:white_check_mark: What happened:

  • Book Blurbs. Close to finalizing book blurbs. Looking like it’s gonna be Gary Vee, Sam Parr, and Marie Forleo.
  • Partnering with Creators. Reaching out to smaller creators (aka pre-fluencers) with engaged audiences to help promote or review the book.
  • Book Back from Publisher. Got a new version of the book back from Penguin this week. Looking 🔥 Beginning to feel very real...

:clipboard: What’s coming up:

  • Planning BIG Launch. Beginning to map out the BIG book announcement out to all my platforms. With some epic bonuses, of course. Thinking mid-October. ~3 months from release date.
  • Reviewing Book. Going over the book to make final revisions, tweaks, and updates.
  • More Partnering. Now looking for creators on twitter/linkedin to help promote the book.

:question: Question:

  • What was your highlight of the week?

Be Epic,