How to win friends and influence emails

Mar 04, 2020 7:01 pm

Marching forward with this week’s rundown for you. 


🙇‍♀️ [People Tip] 

I’ve heard there’s something likable in everyone we meet. It is just a matter of getting to know someone first before passing judgment (something I’ve struggled with before). 

Taking time to learn someone’s story helps you like them. Here's an example on Ryan Gosling (3 min read).


📈 [Marketing] 

Your Email Spam Filter Is More Aggressive Than You Realize. More and more emails get caught in spam and there is little we can do to control it. Here are a few tips:

  • Use tools like Is Not Spam to test emails before sending and confirm you have a good IP address. 
  • Optimize subject lines and limit sending links and images in the body
  • Avoid common Spam Trigger Words

🎧 [Podcast] 

Notes To Myself. Here are 7 of my daily reminders recently.  

1- Create your own 2020 Fantasy List. Go crazy. 

2- Are you training or are you playing? 

3- Pick one thing and get AMAZING at it. 

4- Reading and studying strategy can get you to the next level. 

5- Play to WIN, don’t play not to lose. 

6- Is life happening TO YOU, or are you happening TO LIFE? 

7- Pain and challenges. Open up to them.  



Noah “Noodling” Kagan

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