Noah’s Notes

Dec 05, 2019 7:01 pm

Happy Thursday.

Testing sending emails in a new format with a marketing tip, life observation, and other digestible nuggets.

Top of the week:

🍊 Orangetheory marketing. A few weeks ago I went to Orangetheory. From a marketing perspective it was AMAZING. A few major keys:

  • Checklist. They have onboarding checklist and questionnaire to help gauge how they can help you be successful.
  • Gamified. You get points while you work out so you’re motivated to keep going.
  • Sign up post benefit. Right after your first free workout, they have sign up sheet with 30 days free guarantee.

There were many other super impressive things for marketing. Go do a free class just to see what you can learn for yourself. 

🧥 The Coat Hanger strategy. Hook all your clothes hangers in the opposite direction. Once you wear something, hang it up like you normally would. 6 months later, check for clothes still hung in the opposite direction. Donate them because you don’t wear them! h/t @MitchellLandon

📚 The OG gangster of online courses. I had fun talking to Yaro Starak about how he created the first 7-figure online course and more.... Check out our full conversation here.


Noah “Stuffing” Kagan

Ps. What do you think of this new format?