Come bike with me

May 16, 2019 5:01 pm

Last year, we did our first-ever bike ride for charity.


We raised $27,516 to buy laptops for underprivileged kids. 💻


And 50+ people joined the bike ride!


Our SumoRide team from last year

Today, I’m sharing the 2019 Sumo Charity Ride… to help buy more laptops for kids in need.


If you donate, you’ll also get prizes.


I’m planning to increase cost soon so grab the prizes now...


My favorite options 🤠

  • Riding the RideBurrito Tier — $200 (71 available). Join me for a 25- or 50-mile fun ride in Austin, TX on September 14th. Includes a pre-party magic performance, exclusive bike course designed by Lance Armstrong’s organizer, VIP lunch and afterparty with special musical guest.
  • Optimization — Big Nacho Tier — $1,000 (9 available). Everything above, and a 1-hour phone consult with me. I don’t offer these, ever. I’m best at marketing plans, how to 5-10x your business, and organizational structure and hiring.

PLUS many other awesome prizes!


Click here to donate and have fun.


Once the prizes are gone, they’re gone.


Riding on,

Noah “Laptops” Kagan


Ps. You don’t need to ride to help the children, plus get some great prizes...