“Future” Edition

Feb 05, 2020 7:01 pm

Currently there is 90% of the year left... Make the best of it!

Some really cool things for you this week:


🔦 [Tool Spotlight]

Exploding Topics. Scours the internet to find trends before they take off. My good friend Brian Dean of Backlinko is the co-founder. 


📚 [Inspiration] 

This chart is from a company called Roblox. It’s their goals for 2023. The goals are AUDACIOUS. I loved how crazy these ideas are and it inspired me!

My favorite is #1. 👇 


 H/T Matthew Ball

🎧 + 📺 [Podcast + Video] 

My Top 10 Marketing Strategies for 2020:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Weekly Email Newsletter
  • Autoresponders
  • LinkedIn Newsletter
  • Active Audience Count 
  • Free Tools
  • Calculators and Generators
  • Templates
  • Offline Events
  • Facebook Marketplace


Noah “Futuristic” Kagan

Ps. Working on a Product Hunt for cool products. Sneak peek 👀