Noah’s Nuggets - “Law of 100” Edition

Aug 10, 2023 12:31 pm

Last week I was bicycling and this super fit guy with a fancy bike and amazing gear passed me. 

“Of course,” I thought in my head, "since he looks better he must BE better." I momentarily gave up and then realized... F that noise. 

Who says that someone is better than you just because they look better??? Or in your life just because someone has more followers - they aren’t better than you. Or because someone got a fancy degree or worked at some prestigious company. They’re not better than you. 

I ended up pedaling hard, catching up, and passing the guy (who was quite friendly!) 

Don’t hold yourself back by the look of another 💪

💯 Law of 100

The biggest failure I see is people giving up before they’ve REALLY tried.

Don’t focus on the outcome. Pick something you want to be good at and do it 100 times.

I bet you’ll see success after that 100th try :)


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🎧 Homeless to Airbnb MILLIONAIRE


Mark Jenney has one of those TRUE inspiring life stories.

Guy was homeless. Failed at 30+ businesses… But now he has sold over a BILLION $$$ of products online and creates luxury Airbnb properties.

We split his episode into 2 parts because there’s just TOO much goodness 🙂

Enjoy Part 1 on Apple Podcasts here and Spotify here.

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan

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