How to get Bill Gates as a customer

Sep 30, 2022 12:31 pm

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Howdy friend, here's 3 fun nuggets to make your week even better...

🎧 How to Get Bill Gates to Use Your Product


It took Israeli entrepreneur Nadav Keyson 6 years and lots of trial and error to create a successful business.

Now, his podcasting platform is used by people like Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Gary Vee, and… yours truly.

So I went to Israel and asked him for all the behind-the-scenes info about: 

  • How succeeded after other projects had failed
  • Why momentum early on keeps you going during hard times
  • And common traits Nadav sees in other Israeli entrepreneurs

Give this episode a listen on Spotify here and Apple Podcasts here.

👓 Ray-Ban Video Glasses


I’ve been wearing the Ray-Ban Stories glasses for a while now, and I love how easy it is to take videos on the go. 

They’re also not super ugly or bulky—which is a MAJOR bonus.

I don’t love that they pair with Facebook… but it’s not that bad.

If you’re a content creator or like cool tech, they’re worth checking out.

📷 (Not) Lost in Translation


Need to quickly translate something but don’t want to type it all into Google Translate?

There’s an easier way!

I made a TikTok about this cool feature because I didn’t know it existed… so maybe you didn’t either.

  • Open the Google Translate app (Apple, Android)
  • Select the camera button
  • Take a picture

And it translates whatever text is on the picture.

See me use it in action here.

Be Epic, 

Noah Kagan