Tim Kennedy kicked my a**

Feb 26, 2020 7:01 pm

I’ve been BIG into self protection recently.

And I want to share the BEST things I’ve learned. To protect my fellow Dork squad. 💪


⛑ [Live Training Class] Sheepdog Response Self Defense


I DM’d Tim Kennedy (Former UFC fighter and Special Forces Sniper) saying I felt like a wussy lately and I wanted to learn to defend myself. 

Turns out he teaches live classes (NOT cheap, but definitely worth it). So I flew to Vegas and did a 3-day class.

Here are a few highlights to protect you:

  • Review your home security and have an Emergency Access Plan for your family
  • Set an indoor and outdoor location in case of a threat
  • A tourniquet is one of the most essential things you can have to save a life

I was SO excited about this class, it got me writing again. 

Click here to read my blog post about the experience. 

🚨 [Home Security] 

Deep Sentinel provides 24/7 guards that monitor your home. 

I love these guys so much that I interviewed the founder Dave on my podcast.

Here are 3 things I learned:

  • Put a security sign in your yard. Average home break-ins start 5 minutes directly outside home. 
  • ALWAYS ANSWER THE DOOR (you don’t need to open, you can just ask who it is). Intruders knock and ring doorbell to verify no one is home.
  • “Problem Selection” is the #1 exercise you can do as an entrepreneur 

💸 [Dork Subscriber Bonus] 

Deep Sentinel (my home security camera) is hooking up 50% off for Dork subscribers on Haul Drop. Today only.

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Noah “Bodyguard” Kagan