Noah’s Notes - 12/12 - “Lululemon” edition

Dec 12, 2019 7:01 pm

Happy Thursday 🍌

You seemed to really love the weekly newsletter. So I’ll keep doing it. :)

Top of the week:

🍋 [Marketing] Lululemon Story. I’ve seen the stretchy black pants everywhere, but had no idea what it took for them to get so popular.

  • Niche sponsoring. Early on they found local yoga teachers and had them host classes in their stores.

  • Subtle branding. The A in the logo stands for athletica. The founder Chip was very intentional making sure the branding was on point.

  • Gateway products. They sold yoga mats at cost to get women into the store… so they could sell them the real product they wanted. Black Stretchy Pants.

🔍 [Reading] The Domain name and the Hitman. This is a wild story about the length someone went to get a domain name.

🛁 [Podcast] Take a Sound Bath With Me. I went to a “Sound Healing” class recently and wanted to share how awesome it was (by recording it for you). I felt magical afterwards for the rest of the day. Now you can too.


Noah “Mr. Clean” Kagan

Ps. I’m giving away a copy of the Lululemon book. Just for being a subscriber you’re automatically entered. I’ll post the winner to Twitter tomorrow.