Noah’s Notes - 1/15 "Ryan Holiday" Edition

Jan 15, 2020 7:01 pm

Happy Hump Day.

Here are the goodies this week…

Top of the week:

🔦 [Newsletter Spotlight]. 

  • Axios Sports - Super informative and digestible newsletter. Allows me to spend minimum time to get up to speed on what’s happening in sports. 
  • Mister Spoils - One amazing article a day with fun clothes and pictures.

🎧 [Podcast] Ryan Holiday. A great talk about leadership, must-read books before you die, multichannel marketing, setting up multiple income streams… and lots, lots more. 

A few highlights:

  • Growth hacking is not that different from marketing. It’s just finding out where your customers are, why they’re buying, and what they’re buying. 
  • Ryan on consistency: “If I can pile up a lot of those days in a row, that's how I'm able to produce. People underestimate what decent, consistent effort can produce.”
  • Some of the books mentioned: Being Nixon by Evan Thomas, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, The Tiger by John Vaillant, Range by David Epstein, plus more.

😜 [Marketing FUN]  So far this month, I’ve given away 15 of my favorite products — and I’ve hooked up 12 discounts. Some as much as 50% off. Click here to check them out.

I’ve enjoyed giving you free stuff and also promoting great companies at the same time. 


Noah “Semi-Stoic” Kagan