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Mar 19, 2020 5:01 pm

Hey amigo —

In these wild times, now is the time to take action for yourself and others. A few things for you:

📺 Business NOT as Usual in 2020 — Quick video and article on how to prepare right now

🎧 Recession Proof — Podcast on preparing financials, business, and for overall uncertainty 

📝 Coffee Shop Example (ideas for businesses) — Tips for a local coffee shop that can be applied to most businesses right now

Stay strong, 


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avatar Matt
You rock
avatar Peter
Thanks champ, great information as always, stay safe
avatar David
Mental health > wealth. When clients are hurting it’s tough. We need to stick together and get our priorities right. Much love Noah
avatar Hot Sauce Sean
Life Saving Ideas TLDR: Grocery Stores should be pickup/delivery only (customers never enter store) Uber/Lyft etc. should begin delivering groceries using their drivers + they can hire the displaced restaurant/bar employees (younger group that is low risk). This will keep people from leaving their home and spreading the virus + creates a ton of jobs, keeps grocery store employees safe, limits hoarding, and keeps the elderly from getting exposed while buying food.....thus saving lives! I can send you a more detailed version if you want to help save some lives during this crisis, Sean McGregor
avatar Emmett Naughton
Loved the YouTube video, Hope you are well. Got a lot going on my end, in the process of buying a house which is terrifying. And working in my local ER
avatar Luke
Sending love and tacos. And hand sanitizer. <3
avatar Nate
Killer as always! I'd love your viewpoint on what people with tech skills might be able to do to help. Eg, building a free errand matching service for at-risk individuals, gift card software for restaurants, etc. Lots of people doing stuff - how can those of us with a few spare hours a week best plug in to help?
avatar Brad
My 80 plus mother in law lived in a small t town. She told me the am organization, free gratis, doing grocery pickup and delivery. Obviously she needs her risk low, so god bless those volunteers!
avatar Shane Huey
Times like this either make or break leaders and businesses and you, my friend, will come out on top when the dust settles. Thanks for the positivity and good messages.
avatar Philia
What a beautiful way to share information in this time. Short, concise, and useful. I had the same title for my weekly newsletter which goes out Friday! I have never felt more grateful to be in the position I am in, and to have an online business for which I've set up plans that keep business going through tough times. Some ideas I shared with friends in the service industry - take your talent and offer it online. If you run a bar, why not do an online happy hour or show people how to mix their favorite drinks at home? If you're in a band, put on a virtual concert. If you like to play video games, start streaming on Twitch. And if you're looking to support your friends in small businesses without spending any money, go to their websites, leave a comment, go to their social media pages and do the same, if you make one of their recipes, tag them on social media or share a picture. Little things like that and human connection really makes a world of difference in these times. Thank you for all you share Noah, Phi
avatar Suchit Tiwari
Noah, thanks for writing great articles. Love from India and
avatar Hubert
Your Recession Proof blog post was a helpful shoulder shake, Noah. It reminded me that I, too, can be of aid and should avail myself as such. If we all take similar action, I've no doubt we'll best this situation in record time.
avatar Dave MacEntee
If all your readers enact one tip from any of these lists, we will be part of creating a much stronger community. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.
avatar Dulce Gamboa
HI! Do you have tips/resources on virtual conferences? my organization is looking to transition our in person lobby day to a virtual one, we usually have 300-400 people. thank you for any help or ideas you can share.
avatar Nick Diakanastasis
Thank you, dude - I appreciate it <3 It IS a weird time right now.
avatar Christopher Flores
Hi Noah, thank you for posting and having a more engaging presence, it is greatly appreciated in these times. I quit my nice corporate job in Jan this year before this really made it to the US and moved across country to try to start my own business and a better life so some good news and the right mentality right now!! How would you try to get new clients as a bookkeeping/finance new business (I do not have my CPA).
avatar Alex
Good article!!!!
avatar Becky
Hey Noah- I've been listening to your podcast for the past few months, love it! Given the current situation, is now a good time to start an online shirt/hat store? I've designed a few things - quotes from popular shows - and would like to launch but am not sure if now is a good time. Also if I want this to show up with a Google search, what's the best way to advertise? FB for people who are in similar groups, or Google ad words, etc?
avatar Tiago Caldas
Hi Noah. Congratulations for the podcast. You ou bring a lot of practical and actionable advice. Almost like a Tim Ferriss on steroids. I’ve enjoyed immensely your episode with Phi Kelnhofer. Thanks for your work and don’t forget to wash your hands! Stay healthy. Tiago
avatar Josh
Noah! Once the world gets back into a safe space and if you're looking to do some mountain biking on Vancouver Island (hopefully by this summer), feel free to reach out and I'd love to show you around! Best, Josh
avatar daniel
Hey Noah - thanks for the content. Any advice for keeping a team that is new to remote working from going stir crazy? I was thinking about having face time meals or possibly games to keep the sanity. Thoughts?
avatar Eric Sangerma
Hi Noah, thanks for reaching out. Hope you and your loved ones are safe. Sending as much love as possible to everybody here from Barcelona!
avatar Steve
Noah, thanks for the great suggestions and insight. I only take exception to one thing on your cost reduction list: putting the suggestion to email a landlord for rent concessions first. It implies that landlords and property owners aren’t suffering from the effects of this pandemic as well. I think reminding businesses they can apply for the SBA loans our government is touting or to use their own business interruption insurance is something they should be doing first and immediately. Landlords and property owners aren’t eligible for SBA loans to help them make their mortgage payments. Hopefully many will act compassionately and work with their tenants to help them through this, but if they can’t, it’s not because they’re just greedy monsters. Some may be on the verge of losing everything also.
avatar noah
@josh look forward to riding soon!
avatar noah
Hey Steve See your point about the landlord. I have a few small places so I feel you. It's a challenging time for all so have to balance being too greedy and making sure your favorite places stay around.
avatar noah
Hey Daniel Meals are great. A few things we are doing: 1- paid for everyones lunches on friday. 2- using for people to feel more connected 3- one idea is hiring a person to perform comedy or concert for team 4- have potluck at someones house 5- share your office setup 6- share what you're doing in spare time this is a few things we are doing.
avatar noah
Becky. Now is the BEST time. If you can get it working now, imagine how well it'll be working when the economy picks back up.
avatar noah
You rock so much. Thanks for the comment.
avatar noah
one - great name two - here's an article I wrote about conferences, not 100% applicable but some nuggets. people want connection NOW more than ever.
avatar noah
Hey Chris To get clients ESPECIALLY now people are worried about saving money or making money. I wouldn't try to be a book keeper but more the business savior at this point. Do free analysis for people then help them implement the changes if need be...
avatar Lynn
Hi Noah The first post is so helpful at this time . My business is online coaching for an international English test . The tests are cancelled around the world . I’m not sure whether it will affect my Revenue . I am not worried because I know there must be more opportunities but could not find them . I like the idea of having coffee online with other customers . I’m running a mock test every for my students :) I’ll see how does it go and keep you posted !
avatar wong
Hi Noah, wish you all the best and a healthy life. I'm working on a book summaries subscription service app like Blinkist in HK and TW. I've followed your previous podcast that shared about how to sell course. Also i'm using Quant Based approach to grow this app as what you've done for Mint. I'm listening all of your podcast since ep1.(It is to late for me to discover you and sumo. i will be better if i can follow you since 2016) One of my goal this year is get interviewed by your podcast to share my milestone with you about how i grow my app by following your advice! Hope i can be the first HKer to be interviewed by you. (any?)
avatar Tyrel Johnon
Hi Noah, I hope you are staying safe and healthy! 2020 is off to a rocky start but we'e got this. Can't wait to meet you one day in Austin. Hopefully for the next bike ride :)
avatar Bridgett Hart
I hope you and the family are well and feeling at peace. Also, I finally made something out of all the love talk I’ve been thinking and working on for the last 7 years. Lol. Thanks for your part in that journey. ❤️
avatar Mark Winstein
Hey Noah - Been building my dream company, Vegan Launch, to help finance vegan startups. In past 12 months, grew email list to over 1200, sold Investor Membership subscriptions at $500/year, and helped finance 5 vegan companies. All entrepreneur side services are free. Our revenue model doesn't require us to extract money from them to help them raise money.
avatar Matteo
Hey buddy, Such a wild period this one, especially in Italy (where I'm based). You rock man, you keep me company in these days! PS Launched this yesterday to keep on doing Meetups around the world (virtually, of course) Stay home and safe, Cheers, Matteo
avatar AdrianocoodeBO
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