Today’s my birthday 🍰

Feb 17, 2020 7:01 pm

Damn. I can’t believe I’m 38...For reals, feels like a dinosaur on the internet. 

Been doing okdork blogging since 2000….

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Here are 20 things I’ve learned in the 20 years online:

  1. People still read...blogs, books and more 
  2. Mediums change... But people don’t. “TV” has gone away but we spend as much time bingeing on Netflix.
  3. Marketing is still the same. Who’s the customer and where are they? 
  4. Ads work. Annoying yes but effective and scalable. People who brag about not doing them are missing out. 
  5. When you read about it…it’s generally too late. Find things before others.
  6. Persistence. Is the most powerful tool in business.
  7. Prioritizing. Is still the key weapon to win in business.
  8. Impressive. You should constantly be impressed by the people you work with.
  9. Goal planning. Works. I know systems are helpful but I like having a destination.
  10. Revisit the past. For me so far it's been blogging, chess and coaching. What have you stopped doing that you liked?
  11. FUN. Work and life SHOULD be fun. If it’s not, change it. 
  12. Teach. Mentoring is the best way to grow yourself and give back.
  13. Geography matters. I found Austin early for me, find the right place for you.
  14. Make with your hands. Especially if you work online, go build a bench or fix things around your place. A nice tangible shift to work that way. 
  15. Keep reading. The most successful people I know, read a lot.
  16. Creation > consumption. Creating always makes you feel better. 
  17. Unfollow + unsubscribe. Unless it benefits you, delete it. 
  18. Consistency wins. Keep going weekly, eventually you’ll win.
  19. Email marketing is great. Yadda yadda, you know. 
  20. Build a tribe. I love all you dorks, join our FB group to hang with me.

To quote one of my favorite people, “it doesn’t get easier, you just get better.”

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Love you and thanks for reading,

Noah “taco” Kagan

Ps. Thanks for being part of the journey with me. 🤠