Talking Life With Pat Flynn

 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify In today’s episode, I talk to my awesome friend Pat Flynn, creator of The Smart Passive Income blog. Pat was laid off from his architect job during the 2008 market crash and s...

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Dec 09, 2022
When to Quit Your Job & Start Your Own Business

From ages 22 to 26, I was working day jobs. I worked at Intel, then at Facebook, and finally at I had some cool experiences, but overall I was mostly unhappy because I wanted to start my own business, sooooo…. I kept quitting early or getti...

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Dec 03, 2022
Chatting with UGG Boots Founder (Brian Smith)

 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify In today’s episode, I talk to Brian Smith, founder of UGG Boots — the well-known footwear brand. At the age of 29, Brian Smith wanted to find the “next big thing” in America an...

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Dec 01, 2022
From Prisoner to Multi-Millionaire with Garrain Jones

 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify In today’s episode, I talk to author, friend, and entrepreneur – Garrain Jones. His story is literally unbelievable! Garrain went from selling drugs, going to prison, and living...

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Nov 24, 2022
Jake Paul Net Worth: How Does He Make His Millions?

Believe it or not, but Jake Paul’s net worth is around $100 million dollars. This may seem like a surprisingly high amount for the YouTuber turned boxer turned businessman, but this kid’s got a lot on the go. After winning major prize money from figh...

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Nov 19, 2022
Marketing During a Recession, Workcations & Decision Making

 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify What’s up, you beautiful bastards. We are back with Q&A round 15! In this conversation, you’ll enjoy 3 BIG things: How to quickly build "a network" while living abroad Decision-makin...

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Nov 17, 2022
The Psychology of Money Book: Key Takeaways from a CEO

Some books should be required reading, and The Psychology of Money book by Morgan Housel is one of them. When I worked at, I was surprised how many people didn’t know how to manage money. It’s super common, and it’s super avoidable. A lot of...

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Nov 12, 2022
How to Start a Billion Dollar “Boring” Business (w/ Paul Orfalea)

 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify In today’s episode, I talk to Paul Orfalea, founder of legendary Kinko’s. If you guys haven’t heard of Kinko’s before, it was a HUGLELY popular place for making copies, faxes, an...

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Nov 11, 2022
Making 7-Figures Selling Townhouses (w/ Matthew Lesser)

 Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Spotify Since you REALLY liked the episode with Ryan Serhant and want to learn more about getting into the real estate game, we decided to do another episode on this topic. My guest for t...

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Nov 07, 2022