New Ronin Mercs Chapters

Hello VIPs!I've been a busy little bee and you have new chapters in the Ronin Mercs epub. I'm working on my version of a certain dark fairy tale. Only my version won't have a "Miller's daughter, but a son". To read the new chapters of Ronin Mercs fea...

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Jul 22, 2024
New book review request form

Hi Team,I have created a new form that is much better and efficient than my other form. Directly for Google DocsForm on GoogleMy website. way you can request the book you want to read if you haven't yet.I'll also...

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Jul 03, 2024
Smashwords Sale!

Hello Bellaholics,Just a quick newsletter to let you know that now is the perfect time to grab these three books from Smashwords. It's the 16th Annual Summer/Winter Sale!Theoden - $2.99Deacon - $2.99Chained in Darkness. - Free!If you've never read th...

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Jul 03, 2024
Angel's Kiss VIP Arc, Tylendel's Punishment

Hello Beautiful Badass VIPsJust a quick update. I'm working on creating those Legacy Pins... just had some setbacks lately, but it's still a top priority. Don't forget to check the VIP Lounge on my website for exclusives as I post behind-the-scenes s...

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Jul 02, 2024
40 FREE BOOKS and The Angel's Kiss cover and Blurb

Hello Bellaholics,This one will be packed with all the goodness. Okay, I'm just going to get into it.Book cover and blurb reveal for The Angel's Kiss!~*~Azazel is the Demon of War, the most powerful and ruthless member of the Twelve Knights of the Ro...

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Jun 28, 2024
Favorite Vampires

Of course, top of my list is my own creation, Theoden, but he wouldn't be if not for these others that I love and have been inspired by....

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Jun 08, 2024
Movie Review - Abigail

I know it's been a while since I've posted a movie or TV show review. Sorry about that. I have been watching a LOT of Kdramas lately....

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Apr 20, 2024
Bee Keeper - Movie Review

I just got back from seeing this movie. And it was everything I was hoping to see in a JS movie. I've been a fan of this actor even...

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Jan 14, 2024
Saltburn - Movie Review

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I wasn't all that interested. Nothing I'd seen in the trailer looked like anything I hadn't...

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Jan 11, 2024
Vigilante - TV Show Review

I will begin this review by stating that I LOVE Kdramas. But I'm also very picky. The plotline has to be strong to keep my interest. So...

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Jan 02, 2024