Get ready for the 'Ride of your Life'.

Good morning my dear readers,Happy Friday, may your world be magical and awe inspiring - atleast till Monday 😄.On your Negen PMS front, September is going quite well too. The PMS is +2.22% vs -0.52% for the NIFTY500 benchmark this month.*We have been...

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Sep 23, 2022
Short email - 5 successful stock market habits.

Good morning my dear readers,Yes, its a Monday, but look on the bright side, us 'Earth-lings' have to just endure this day for 24 hours.A day on planet Venus lasts 243 earth days.Now, aren't you glad that you are NOT some alien creature from Venus? I...

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Sep 19, 2022
Patanjali Special Situation + German Inflation mania

Good morning my rocking readers,To sum up the current market situation, India is doing very well. Rest of the world is in a temporary mess.~~~~~Inflation bites Germany, hard.As you see from the above chart, the situation in Eurozone is grim. It is pa...

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Sep 12, 2022