The Demerger case study of 'Home Shopping Network'.

Good morning my dear readers,I swear, I blinked my eyes and Friday is here again. Time is flying.~~The 'Home Shopping Network' Demerger Story.Description - Home Shopping Network, lets call it HSN, was a channel in the US which used to sell products a...

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Sep 22, 2023
A strong 'Brand' is always potent.

Good morning my dear readers,Is it just me or 'Time' is flying away so fast?, Its Friday again so quickly.~~I believe investors evolve over time.For me, I have been coming to the conclusion that there is a lot of merit in holding 'Solid Companies' fo...

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Sep 15, 2023
India has achieved 'escape velocity' - credit card data.

Good morning my dear readers,It is a Blue Tokai Coffee morning for me. (Tastes better on the weekend, actually everything is better on weekends =))~~India has achieved 'escape velocity'.*In space terms, after launch, a Rocket needs to achieve 'Escape...

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Sep 01, 2023
Right place at the right time.

Good morning my dear readers,I literally have no idea where the week went. Just zoomed on by. Maybe a Bull Market effect? =)~Right Place at the Right Time.I am now more convinced than ever that it is going to be India's Golden decade ahead.History is...

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Aug 25, 2023