Instagram LogoMixing Babies And Business™ Events + Community 2021 ?? [link in bio] Spend time with the ones you love, while investing in yourself: Make progress on your professional goals alongside your kids, while connecting with like-minded parents. Join Our Movement. Bring Your Kids. Reserve your space in 2021, we start in February! This Events + Community experience is designed to provide you with: • More flexibility and accessibility. Less one-size-fits-all traditional business and remote work advice (because most of what's been out there to date doesn't really apply to parents). • More genuine connections and virtual support. Less fear of missing out and flying solo (I don't know about you but I haven't been making it to many online events these days). • More mental clarity and taking action. Less to do lists, perfectionism or tech overwhelm (when you have limited time, you just need to get it done...or let it goooooo). • More self-compassion and steady growth. Less hustle, striving and working harder (see all of the above). Invest in (and look after) yourself alongside your kids, while making new connections. I would love to have you at a time that is right for you, your family and your business. Registration is open from January 23-29, 2021: The community starts on February 1, 2021 and events run monthly until December 2021. For more information, view the online portal tour and check out this offering at the first link in my bio. I'm all about sharing entrepreneurship, flexible and remote work with kids content so if you like what you see or want to learn more, I also have a free newsletter and podcast at the same link in my bio! #mixingbabiesandbusiness #coworking #virtualoffice #remotework #flexiblework #mentalhealth #wellnessmatters
Instagram LogoThis week marked the first Mixing Babies And Business™ (online) community event of 2021 and I decided to do something a bit different – host it as a free retreat over a series of days instead of a once off event and focus on remote work with kids. I wasn't certain if other parents would want to join me for a 'virtual holiday' right after their actual holidays. I thought parents may be too busy, distracted and over it when it came to screen time. But I was pleasantly surprised when yesterday's event rolled around and community members were able to join in! For those who couldn't make it, there's a sneak peek video on my YouTube Channel (link in bio) of what was included in the retreat package via the private Mixing Babies And Business™ online portal. ?? The mini trainings and retreat replay are a little over 60 minutes all in, the workbook is designed to be printable and/or interactive as a PDF and the Digital Care Package have all been made available for retreat guests for a week after the live event. If you'd like to attend a future event like this, you can sign up to the waitlist at the link in my bio or here: And as always, if you have parents in your network that you think may also be interested, please feel free to share this or the waitlist link with them. Registration is now open for the Mixing Babies And Business™ Events + Community experience from January 23–29, 2021: We start on February 1st and you have the option to join us on an annual or monthly basis – cancel any time. For more information about what's included, check out the first link in my bio where you can explore previous event recaps from 2019–2020, tour the online portal, read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and if you'd like to join us in 2021, you can do so at the same link. Access coworking + quarterly events + community + accountability + digital care packages + more – registration closes at the end of January 2021 and will reopen again in June 2021. Hoping to connect and support more parents during these times and continue growing the #mixingbabiesandbusiness platform and resources! Thank you for following along on this journey.