Instagram LogoThank you to Startup Canada for welcoming my growing community of parents and their families onboard this week! ? What started as a newsletter and DIY pop-up parent-friendly professional development events when I was 8 months pregnant three years ago, has now grown into a network of parentpreneurs and people pursuing flexible and remote work alongside their kids. We're bringing along the ones we love and care for and showing up as we are in business environments online and offline – usually with a baby and/or toddler in tow. ? ? On brand bonus: Startup Canada's announcement was made on my kid's 3rd birthday, he really is a startup baby can't make this stuff up. It feels wonderful to go from being a solo founder/writer/creator/event/podcast host to joining a group of other community leaders across Canada who are all dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs locally with the information and opportunities they're seeking as they pursue their startup ideas, build businesses and grow their companies! Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Parenthood can be lonely. But they both don't have to be mutually exclusive. I'm delighted to continue connecting with others across the country and around the world, looking forward to future growth plans. Thank you for your support, encouragement and participation in this project and initiative so far, – Amy Lynch (+ Family) P.S. You can read the full announcement here if you're interested: #podcast #entrepreneurship #events #parenthood #mixingbabiesandbusiness #startupyoung #BYOBaby #remoteworkwithkids #flexiblework
Instagram LogoYour curated content full of parent-friendly business news, events + opportunities has been sent out via today's newsletter! But first – a short story about bringing my kids into business settings: In case you thought I only did activism x public speaking that one time while babywearing my son at CreativeMornings Ottawa, here is another example in action from the launch of the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH) in Eastern Ontario at Impact Hub Ottawa in 2019. I was invited to speak about creating more inclusive and parent-friendly business spaces and experiences, something I still gladly chat about, except nowadays it's over Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meet or to whomever I run into while I'm out on essential errands. Lately, I've found myself sharing the DIY podcasting workflow I created for Mixing Babies And Business™, something I'm happy to present an upcoming workshop on for the WE-CAN Project at Queen's University, managed by Kerry Ramsay, which ironically, is also part of the WEKH! Two years later, it's all come full circle and my kids still try to steal my microphone. Comment if you want babywearing tips while speaking to a boardroom, bigger crowd or on camera, I have a few tried and tested methods. ? Photo by: @hubottawa thanks to Gina Babinec P.S. I don't do sponsored posts, advertising or influencer marketing, the round up in each newsletter is a mix of digital resources I subscribe to, read online, come across and research – some pop up at the right time, others percolate for a while before I edit and publish them. If it's an event I'm hosting or speaking at, it will be labelled with related sponsor and/or partner organization details. Everything I write and share with you as a reader is intended to encourage you to keep going, ask for help, apply for that competition/award/funding and provide examples of parents making entrepreneurship, flexible and remote work with kids happen for them and their families. You can sign up for free at the link in my bio if you're interested!