Today's my birthday and I want to share a message

Hey ,Hopefully by being part of this email community I have been able to provide value to you with my content and events.Today marks the day of my Personal New Year, and I would like to share 30 well-thought-out lessons I have learned throughout my l...

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Feb 17, 2021
What does a woman truly want?

I've asked myself this question many times before, but over the years I realised there are some key things that have been working for me, that I would love to share.Whether you agree with them or not, why not check out the video and see for yourself....

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Feb 16, 2021
[111 Newsletter] Happy Singles Awareness Day! ❤️

1 Idea, 1 Quote, 1 Book Recommendation1 IDEA FROM ME As much as my subject heading may be true for some, Valentine's day definitely focuses on the concept of Love in our Lives.Before I get all deep I would love to say "Happy Valentine's Day!"For...

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Feb 14, 2021
Needing help managing your emotions?

Managing emotions in a climate that is complex and frankly unstable, is not an easy task at all. Our emotions help us make decisions based on our preferences i.e. what we like and don't like.If we make better decisions, the quality of our thinking an...

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Feb 10, 2021
[111 Newsletter] Stop Running away from life...

1 Idea, 1 Quote, 1 Book Recommendation1 IDEA FROM ME Stop running away from what is difficult. The very fabric of life breeds the genes of difficult in it.When you accept that challenges are part of life, there's so much more you can achieve.How...

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Feb 07, 2021
Wanting to be less distracted this year??

Hey ,I just quickly wanted to say that I'll be doing an Instagram Live on How to Manage Distractions in 2021 alongside a registered Counsellor and Money Mindset Set Coach from the USA.It will be via Instagram, so if you're looking for motivation or a...

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Feb 06, 2021
The link to the event

the link to the event is here:😃Kind regards,Your Mindset Mentor, Michael TabiradeHigh Performance CoachAuthor of the Power of Goals

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Feb 03, 2021