Tradeoffs & Decisions

Nov 02, 2023 2:16 pm

When making big decisions, clear expectations, priorities, and flexibility are essential. I have been reminded of this as I am looking for a new family vehicle to accommodate my family's needs.

My teen boys (adult size now!), wife, and I need a vehicle for long road trips, in-town driving, plenty of storage space, and capability in extreme weather conditions of the Midwest; all while also having the tech and comfort features we prefer. Not to mention, we need to be able to find and afford this vehicle. (Good luck, right!?)

When choosing tech to invest in to improve our work and businesses, we often have to make similar decisions and tradeoffs. Company goals, budgets, integration with other systems, ease of use, and personnel needs are the kinds of things you need to consider. It is a balancing act for business or when choosing cars (as I know too well).

By identifying what features are essential and what can be adapted, we can find the best solution that fits the needs. This allows us to make informed choices that meet our goals as fast and logically as possible. Plus, being open-minded can help us adapt to quickly changing needs in the busy business (and car) markets.

Having clear expectations, priorities, and flexibility is vital to making successful decisions. Keep this message in mind when you look to solve your next business need and goal, via tech or otherwise... and I will do the same in my vehicle search!

Yours in tech,


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