Are you overthinking it?

Apr 03, 2024 3:05 pm

It's a common scenario I see in my own business and in my clients: a business problem, marketing strategy, or technology platform demands your attention... You ponder, analyze, and ruminate, hoping for that moment of clarity. Yet, often, this prolonged contemplation leads to despair. Overthinking can be as detrimental as taking no action at all, trapping you in a cycle of what-ifs and hypotheticals.

Conversely, the eagerness to act without adequate planning can send you on a wild goose chase. Rapid decisions, made in the absence of due diligence, often yield quick activity but often lead to suboptimal outcomes and lost opportunity.

Effective business strategy lies in finding the sweet spot between thinking and doing. The goal is to allocate just enough energy to understand a problem can provide you with focus and intention. On the other hand, you want to push enough action towards this focused intention can yield productive outcomes. A significant advantage of action is the learning it facilitates. Through action, you gain insights and information that can illuminate your path forward, helping you to refine your defined strategy and make informed adjustments.

This year, I've committed to "doing the next right action" while also pausing — at times — to "think about the right thing." This balanced approach has brought more clarity and purpose to my work and personal life. It's about continuous improvement, learning from each action taken, and valuing the journey as much as the destination.

So, I pose the question to you: Have you found your balance between thinking and acting? If not, what holds you back? Think, then act. Reflect, then adjust. It's a cycle that can lead to your (and your business) growth.

Your Business Technologist,


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