Be quiet. Shut up. Silencio. Shhhh!

Nov 04, 2020 5:41 pm







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Growing up I attended a church that had 60 seconds of quietness every Sunday morning called, The Discipline of Silence.

Folks struggled with it at first because everyone was so used to talking.

But, after a few Sundays, folks fell into the silence with ease.

It was amazing that 1200 people could be that silent for that long.

If you're talkative or quick to offer sass, criticism, or complaints, I encourage you to add the discipline of silence to your to do list.

There'll be three immediate benefits:

  1. You'll be less likely to sin (Proverbs 10:19)
  2. You'll have time to hear yourself think
  3. You'll give your mate an opportunity to contribute to the conversation

Don't be afraid of quietness.

Be afraid of the damage you can do by not being quiet.