What if it's *not* the ceiling fan?

Apr 05, 2021 1:09 am



[ Read Time: 1 min ]

A couple of mornings ago I watched my ceiling fan spin round and round.

After a few seconds, I looked out the window, and saw the leaves blowing on the tree in my front yard.

Was there a connection? Was the draft from the ceiling fan making the leaves move?

Of course not.

They were two unrelated things that just happened to be occurring at the same time.

Guess what?

You have leaves blowing in your marriage, and you're blaming the ceiling fan.

There's something happening in your marriage that's causing you pain. You're frustrated. You're confused. You're battling depression. Your anxiety is high. You're angry and ready to divorce.

Out of convenience, denial, or faulty reasoning, you're falsely blaming it on your spouse, someone else, or a set of circumstances.

What if none of those is the cause?

Ask God for insight so you can get clear on what's really going on.

Otherwise, the leaves will keep blowing, and you'll keep blaming the ceiling fan.