Are these 2 things killing your marriage?

Apr 08, 2021 2:21 pm



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A couple of days ago I heard a story about a company that is currently going through leadership coaching and training.

The supervisor said, "We want to have a culture of trust, but verify. In reality, however, we have a culture of distrust and interrogate."

Hearing that made me think about my way of being when I'm talking with Cetelia and my kids.

If the stakes are low and the pressure's off, it's easy for me to trust and verify.

However, when I'm stressed and/or feel disrespected, I'm quick to distrust and interrogate. In those moments I have already passed judgment and assumed their guilt.

How about you?

What triggers you to go from trust to distrust? What makes you interrogate instead of verifying?

Distrust is poisonous, and suffocates intimacy.

Interrogation is heavy, and closes hearts.

Watch out for these two marriage killers.