Here's some help for your marriage

Oct 14, 2020 12:31 pm


Note: You're receiving this message because you previously signed up for a free account on Marriage Works! Plus (

What were your needs when you signed up for Marriage Works! Plus?

  • Were you looking for support?
  • Did you need answers on forgiveness?
  • Had you and your mate drifted, and you were looking for solutions?

Whatever the reason was, you felt like Marriage Works! had something good to offer you.

I send this email to let you know that we still have something good to offer you.

We've retooled Marriage Works! Plus in an effort to make it the most sought-after and engaged marriage community on the internet.

This community is for spouses who:

  • want to grow their marriage so that it's full of love

  • are looking to be mentored by biblical mentors

  • are looking for avenues share their marriage experience with like-minded spouses

  • want to take the step to becoming marriage mentors themselves

MW+ is platform that incorporates audios, ebooks, videos, monthly webinars, and marriage book summaries so that you can grow your marriage.

We have dozens of resources, and have already loaded a few into MW+. We'll continue to update the platform weekly.

You may be wondering what's in it for you to sign-up, and how much it costs.

Keep reading.


When you sign-up for MW+ you'll receive:

  • an ever-growing number of marriage audios, videos, ebooks, and summaries
  • community chat
  • monthly webinars and replays
  • mentoring from Kevin, Cetelia, and our marriage
  • and more!

Plus, by being a member of MW+ you'll get a 35% discount on the tees in our store, a 10% discount on marriage coaching, and preferential treatment and savings when we restart our live, in-person events.


MW+ could easily cost $47/month with everything we're including.

But, we're only charging $19.97/mo ... to non-founding members.

However, the 50 founding members will be able to lock in a low, monthly price of $9.97 or a lifetime membership for a one-time payment of $97.

That's less than 50% what everyone else will pay!

So, there you have it ... the introduction, benefits, and cost of Marriage Works! Plus.

It's Time to Act

If you feel this is what you and your mate need to grow your relationship, head over to Marriage Works! Plus and sign-up.

If you're on the fence due and struggling with the price, consider what I've learned from personal experience:

I will move heaven and earth to do those things I think are important, essential to my well-being, or will benefit those I love. Price is always what I perceive it to be. It's a judgment call I make based on the value I assign to an opportunity.

Moral of the story: the price is what you make of it. Don't let price stop you from getting what you need.

Our goal is to make MW+ the most sought-after and engaged marriage platform on the internet.

But, we can't do it with you.

Click Here to Join MW+

See you inside!


ps - We're only accepting 50 founding members. Don't miss out!

pss - We're offering a 30 day money-back guarantee, so the risk is ours, not yours!

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