Don't waste your wounds

Feb 03, 2021 4:52 am



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Last night I told a group of friends in a group text that I feel like my thirties and forties were a disappointment career-wise.

I'm ambitious, and planned to be further along financially and positionally -- especially given the load of college debt I've amassed to supposedly advance my career.

My friend Darnell quickly fired back this response:

Perhaps instead of disappointments, look at them as learning opportunities. I get [your career] not being fulfilling in the way you thought, but don’t waste your wounds.  (Emphasis mine)

Those four words rocked me.

Please allow me to pass them onto you: don't waste your wounds.

I get it:

  • Your marriage may not be where you want it to be.

  • You may have had some terrible incidents take place.

  • You may have been the recipient of lies, betrayal, or some other heartbreak at the hands of your spouse.

  • Your plan to have children may have been disappointed.

  • Sickness may have left a lasting mark on you or your spouse.

  • You may feel like the marriage you dreamed of years ago is now a nightmare that won't end.

My counsel to you is don't waste your wounds.

God's not dead, he's not finished, and he's still working.

Commit your wounds to him. He'll heal you in his time and in his way.

And, if you'll let him, he will work through you to bring healing to others who have been wounded themselves.

For your sake, and ours, don't waste your wounds.