You can't do marriage on your own

Mar 12, 2021 7:10 am



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Do you and your mate spend time with other couples?

I believe it's vital that married people have married friends who can encourage them, laugh with them, cry with them, and when necessary, correct them.

I'm happy I can say that Cetelia and I have couple friends who have performed all these roles for us over the years. And, we've played the same role in their marriage.

In addition to the what I just mentioned, there are at least four benefits to having couple friends:

  1. They help you gain insight into your own relationship.
  2. They’re a source of camaraderie and support.
  3. You’ll see other (favorable) sides of each other.
  4. It’s an opportunity to unwind – together.

This informative article goes into details about these benefits.

Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend.


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