Are you all talk?

Apr 20, 2021 2:42 am



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Some months ago I was talking to my friend Donnie Bryant, and he said something that is as thrilling to me now as it was then:

Action is the separator.

The thought is so simple that it's easy to overlook and/or ignore.

Let me lean on it for a moment.

You can talk all you want about having a great marriage, being a supportive spouse, walking in forgiveness, engaging in conversation, being available sexually, and on and on and on.

But, if all you're doing is talking, you're not going to make any progress in any of these areas.

In other words, your marriage is going to stay just as it is now.

Are you okay with that?

When it comes to having a marriage that works, you need to remember this Chinese proverb: Talk doesn't cook rice.