It just may be ...

Oct 07, 2020 8:01 pm


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It just may be ...

  • Your spouse is asking a million questions for clarity, not to be negative

  • Your mate had a perfectly good reason for coming home late

  • The way your mate sees the situation is not wrong after all

  • Fear of disconnection is driving your mate's response

  • Shame from not "having what it takes" is behind your mate's isolation

  • Your mate's having trouble expressing his/her feelings, not being secretive

  • Things will get better when you lower your impossibly high standards

  • Holding a grudge is just as bad as what your spouse did to you

  • Your spouse isn't upset with you, rather something or someone else

  • You'll feel better once you confront the issues in your marriage instead of running from them.

  • Marriage counseling isn't such a bad idea

  • You're getting too close to a member of the opposite sex

  • Making divorce threats is pushing you closer to carrying it out

  • Viewing porn is actually hurting your sex life

  • You're carrying double-standards that are hurting your marriage

  • Withholding sex as a form of punishment is making matters worse

  • Putting God at the center of your marriage will make things better

  • Your marriage will work if you're honest about the items in this list


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