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I’m moving this week, so I asked so I asked some friends who double as marriage pros to fill in for me for a few days.

Today you'll hear from Mack Arrington, a fellow coach and comrade.


Sometimes us coaches have to be a little sneaky. One of the best, most meaningful sneaky things I ever did was to write down all the good things I wanted for my wife, and framed it for her birthday. 

It also has an amazing affect on kids, friends and family, especially when you want good things for them that they want for themselves.

I Want for You

To my beloved wife:

I want for you to know the joy of waking up every morning to birds singing

I want for you to know and truly feel you are loved and cared for by many

I want for you to go ever deeper into the Lord your God and always find Him

I want for you to understand that who you are is more important than what you do

I want for you to look in the mirror and see a real babe...like I do

I want for you music, to sing and dance and laugh hard every day

I want for you freedom from the unwritten rules of your life that bind you needlessly

I want for you to eat what you want with total abandon, and for your clothes always to fit perfectly 

I want for you the perfect cup of coffee every day

I want for you so many good things, more than I can say

Love, Me

I put about 25-30 things on the list, best birthday ever. 

What good things do you want for your spouse and the people you hold dear in your life?

Let them know while you still can.

It’s important.

Coach Mack, PCC 

Sneaky Life Coach



Thanks, Mack!

So, as he asked, what do you want for your spouse and the people you hold dear?

Do two things.

1) Make and share your list with the loved one

2) Share some ideas with all of us

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