Why solving marriage issues is so hard

Apr 12, 2021 3:31 pm



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A guy at my church reached out to me recently asking for an upgraded zoom account so he could record his messages. After recording, he planned to send the videos to our website guy so they could be uploaded to the church's site and shared.

After clarifying that he would be the only person online, and that the videos would be hosted on the church's site, I asked him why he needed to use zoom.

He said it was because he knew the church used zoom.

While he was correct that the church uses zoom, it didn't mean that zoom was the correct or best solution for him -- especially since it was going to cost the church extra money.

It turns out that all he could have used loom, quicktime, or some other video recording software.

Let's talk about you:

  • What problem are you trying to solve?

  • What's the answer?

  • Are you sure that's the answer?

  • What if the answer you're proposing is just ONE way to resolve the issue?

  • What if you're tying yourself up in knots -- and frustrating your spouse -- to get a certain solution when there are multiple solutions that would work?

Let's zoom out and look at the issue from another angle.

We'll likely see all sorts of possibilities we didn't see the first time.