Unfavorable marriage conditions, but...

Nov 17, 2020 1:19 am





I want to salute all the spouses who, in spite of unfavorable marriage conditions, are still:

  • showing up each day
  • loving as Christ loved the church (husbands)
  • submitting (respecting) their husbands as unto the Lord (wives)
  • praying for their mate daily
  • doing good even when good is not being returned
  • believing the best about their mate
  • working through conflict
  • building trust after an affair
  • hoping against hope
  • trusting God to make something beautiful out of their marriage.

The longer I'm married (20 years now), the more I realize that the union is more than sex, children, positive emotions, money, a nice house, a great automobile, and whatever else you may currently see as the foundation of your marriage.

The marriage union is about a decision to do the things mentioned above over and over and over.