You marriage won't heal if this is missing

Oct 05, 2020 7:50 pm


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This morning I received a request from my friend, Walt.

He said he needed to have the "money conversation" with his wife, Brenda, and wanted me to pray for him/it/them.

Generally speaking, the conversation has to do with how much Brenda's giving Jeff Bezos of Amazon each month.

There are a number of things that I could pray for:

  • understanding
  • that she'll respond well
  • guidance by the Holy Spirit
  • persuasive speech
  • that Brenda will see it Walt's way, and more

However, perhaps the most important thing I can pray for is courage.

What will courage do for Walt? It will empower him to act while being filled with anxiety, fear, and doubts.

Walt has a hunch how the conversation could go, and that's the reason he's resisted talking to his Brenda.

Courage will lead Walt to put himself in front of the firing squad. Not for the sake of being a martyr, rather to bring healing to his marriage.

-- -- --

Courage in action

My wife and I watched a show the other night where the doctors needed to remove bullet fragments from a man's chest to keep him alive.

The doctor could have been full of anxiety, fear, and doubts about what needed to be done since the man was incredibly important.

However, because the doctor was insistent on bringing healing to the patient, he courageously cut open the man's chest and went to work.

Let's talk about you.

  • What needs to be healed in your marriage?

  • What anxiety, fears, or doubts do you have?

  • How badly do you want to see healing?

  • Are you willing to be courageous?


ps - I mentioned yesterday that a special announcement was coming this week about something new we're doing with Marriage Works. Expect to see it in Thursday's email!