What you know may be killing your marriage

Nov 06, 2020 4:29 pm







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You already know what's going to happen.

It's because you know your spouse like the back of your hand.

You can already make his/her arguments.

You can already anticipate the consequences.

You know how this is going to turn out negatively for you.

You know how long you'll be in time-out, in the dog house, or on the couch.

But ....

  • What if you're wrong?

  • What if you're letting the past cloud your future?

  • What if your spouse is trying to make changes, and is waiting on the next opportunity?

  • What if you're totally misreading the situation?

  • What if God has been working in your mate's heart?

  • What if your flawed perspective is impairing your judgment?

  • What if there's goodness just on the horizon, but you can't see it?

  • What if what you know is not truly reality?

What would happen if ...

  • You gave your spouse the benefit of the doubt?

  • You thought the best?

  • You trusted God instead of yourself?

  • You allowed the situation to play out in real time?

  • You stopped being so negative?

  • You lived in love instead of fear?

Be careful. What you "know" just may be killing your marriage.