Respond to me roughly? I'll give you a response.

Jan 12, 2021 7:55 pm



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One of the best ways to stir up anger in your mate (and friction in your marriage) is to respond to roughly.

Think about it from your perspective.

Isn't there's something triggered in you whenever someone responds to you in an angry, sarcastic, insulting, or forceful manner?

It offends you. It injures your pride, and makes you feel a need to give an appropriate response.

You feel like you must defend yourself, and let the person talking to you understand that they Do. 👏🏾 Not. 👏🏾 Talk. 👏🏾 To. 👏🏾 You. 👏🏾 Like. 👏🏾 That.


Now, apply this same logic to your spouse.

What makes you think your spouse isn't triggered in the same way when you speak to him/her in an angry, sarcastic, insulting, or forceful manner?

It's only natural.

The writer of Proverbs offers counsel we'd all be wise to consider and practice:

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Many couples with communication troubles could resolve them if they'd simply speak to one another in a loving, civil, and mature way.

Assess the way you and your mate are triggered and/or speaking to each other.

You BOTH have a role to play in improving your marriage communication.

Check this out this helpful resource for more help in this area.