The terrible cost of infidelity

Jun 11, 2021 1:31 pm



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I received an email some time ago from a spouse whose husband cheated on her. Her email is heartbreaking, but she encouraged me to share it because it shows the emotional and physical pain caused by infidelity.

I say this as a wife whose husband stepped out on our 19 years of marriage. The affair was five years ago, he was on Tinder, Ashley Madison and Reddit!! He claims he was just looking for affirmation as I wasn’t there for him. I knew he was up to no good but couldn’t prove it. I finally caught him last January. (I was working on the computer and a voice came to me telling me to go and get the iPad, the iPad he gave me after his work bought him a new one, I argued with the voice telling it I was on the computer and didn’t need the iPad. My dad passed away 3/23/19, I swear it was him telling me as I had many conversations with dad telling him I knew my husband cheated. He was a police detective so you know he wanted to catch him too.) It’s been a year and the pain hasn’t eased at all. We actually fought about it last night. The lady he slept with had HPV
 Lots of people have it BUT she carried the one that causes cervical cancer. So guess who now has to have a hysterectomy in a few weeks. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Yay me. So this is REALLY weighing on our marriage. I’m losing body parts because of his selfishness. To kill me even more is he has NO idea who she is. No last names were given. Kevin, I REALLY want to know who she is. I want to tell her how she has ruined my life. Is that good? No, but I feel there is no closure. 

I post this email with the prayer that someone who is on the verge of cheating on their spouse will read it, have their heart broken, and reconsider.

Infidelity hurts and leaves deep scars.

To those who have been wounded, I pray you'll arrive at a place of healing and peace that only God can bring.