Mutual assumption of trust

Oct 13, 2020 2:23 am







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This morning I prayed with my friend Mark, and he used the phrase "mutual assumption of trust."

I've been thinking about it for the past 12 hours.

Is there distrust in your marriage?

Before you answer too quickly, let me say that it doesn't take an affair to cause distrust.

A loss of trust can come from ...

  • mismanaging money
  • saying you'll be home at X time, but arriving later
  • not paying bills on time
  • lashing out at the kids
  • drinking too much
  • watching pornography
  • cheating on the taxes
  • and a host of other things

Having a mutual assumption of trust in marriage would be great, and is the ideal.

But, before that can happen, you need to consider what things you might be doing that make it hard for your spouse to trust you.