🎯 Join me - the challenge starts tomorrow!

Sep 06, 2020 6:39 pm


Yesterday I wrote you about the 30-day email challenge that starts tomorrow:

I have always been reluctant to send "too many" emails. What that has typically resulted in is me failing to send enough emails. So, over the next 30 days, you can expect to receive a brief email from me each day. Because I don't want to waste your time, the emails will get to the point, and typically take no more than 90 seconds to read.

I also mentioned a challenge for you:

What will YOU do for the next 30 days that is hard, gonna cost you something, or is uncomfortable? It can be related to your marriage or anything that you want to tackle. I'd love to know so I can encourage you along the way, and with your permission, maybe mention it one of my emails -- especially if it's marriage-related.

I've heard from many people, and here's some of what they're planning to do:

  • Be more open to my husband's needs
  • Pray for my husband
  • Work on the word "love" in my marriage
  • Control my tongue
  • Be more active with my kids
  • Work on a date night planner with my spouse

So, here's my question to you: will you accept the challenge?

If so, click the button below.

Count Me In!

I've accepted my challenge.

Will you accept yours?

Let me know!


ps - It's super-easy to mentally accept a challenge, but not do a darn thing to make it happen. The first step is saying Yes. Do that now. Out Loud. The second step is sharing it. Do that here. The third step is pushing yourself each day regardless of how you feel. I want to encourage you along the way. Let me know what you're doing so I can cheer you on and/or give you a push.