Yesterday's mistake | Marriage TROUBLE

Oct 15, 2020 12:59 pm







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I messed up, big time.

I accidentally sent today's email last night. Doh!

Anyhow, mistakes happen. Troubles happen.

They're opportunities, as my friend Conrad will tell you.

Take it away, Conrad!

= = = =

Conrad Deas here filling in for Kevin while he's unpacking the Uhaul.

(In case you missed that email, the Bullard family is moving.)

When Kevin asked if I could fill in for a day while he moves, I was more than happy to. 

But then I got stuck ….

"What am I gonna say to their readers!?!?" I thought. 

Kevin & Cetelia are one of the main reasons my marriage works. Pun intended. 

And because they’ve had a big impact on my marriage, I don't take it lightly to be able to address you.

So I’ve typed, erased, typed, erased, typed... 

You get the picture. 

It’s just hard to pin down ONE thing I want to share with you. And who knows, this may be the last time I get to share something with you. 

Especially if I keep rambling (sorry Kevin!).

Here’s ONE thing that comes to mind.

A modification of a quote from Nobel Peace Prize Winner Nelson Mandela. 

“The great marriage is not the one that doesn’t experience trouble, it’s the one that grows closer even through the trouble.”

Every marriage goes through "trouble". 

If you’ve been married longer than 30 seconds you know this is true.

So today, be encouraged that it’s okay. 

Big or small, “trouble” is the opportunity to become a better person and grow closer to your spouse. 

Of course that doesn’t just happen on it’s own. 

But it happens when you’re purposeful about your marriage. 

So next time you face trouble in your marriage, ask yourself…

“What is this giving me the opportunity to become or do? And how can I use this to grow closer with my spouse?”

These questions won't always be easy to answer. At times they may not even be possible to answer. 

But if you practice when the “little troubles” come, you’re better equipped when the “big troubles” come.

And if you want to be even more equipped, one of the best resources you can use is MarriageWorks+ 

= = = =

Thanks, Conrad.

I appreciate his message. He talks about being purposeful, and seeing trouble as an opportunity to become a better person and grow closer to your spouse.

If you're a husband or the wife of one, please check out Conrad's book, Husband on Purpose. You'll be glad you did.

Make it a great day!


ps - if anyone is free this morning, come on over to McKinney, TX to help load/unload some boxes! 📦 📦 📦