Do you feel loved by your mate?

Jul 07, 2021 1:27 pm



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Yesterday my wife, daughters, and I arrived in Paris for a mini-vacay thanks to my wife's amazing benefits as an airline employee.

Jet lag aside, we've had a good time so far. However, there has been one big issue: I don't know what the heck anyone is saying.

Since I don't speak French, it has led to multiple clumsy interactions.

Fortunately, I've been bailed out more than once by the other person who knows their language and my language (Rosetta Stone, here I come!).

This language barrier keeps making me think about the love language barriers between couples.

Many spouses are only fluent in their love language, just like I'm only fluent in English. Other spouses can speak theirs and their spouse's love language. This is awesome, and should be the goal of both spouses to ensure there's equal giving and caring.

If you know your mate's love language, but aren't speaking it, I can guarantee you your mate feels unloved and disconnected in some measure. Speak his/her language.

If you don't know yours or your mate's love language, go to to discover it.

So many spouses feel unloved. Not because their mate doesn't love them, but because their mate isn't speaking their love language.

While it's going take me a while to overcome the language barrier here in France, you can start overcoming the love language barrier in your marriage today.

I'll talk with you soon.

Until then, au revoir!


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